How do I make my website show up? Hosting with Hard Shell, Domain Registered Elsewhere.

As our new hosting client, if you have already purchased your domain name elsewhere, you will need to go to their site and make the changes necessary for your web site to be visible. You will need to point your domain name to our servers.

To do this, you will need to change the nameservers for the domain name with the registering company so that the domain name points to our servers where your website is hosted. You received our nameserver settings for your hosting package in the welcome email that was sent to you when you purchased your hosting package with us. There are always two or more nameserver (NS) settings, and you must change them all at the domain registration company.

Specific instructions on changing the nameservers at a variety of companies can be found in our knowledge base section "DNS (Name Servers)". If your company is not listed, you may want to browse a few of the instructions for the companies that are listed. The prinicples are the same, but the steps to reach the screen for changing nameservers at your registrar will be different. You may also submit a support ticket with your domain registrar asking them for the steps required to change the DNS at their company.

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