About Your Services (3)

Client Area or Cpanel? Where do I go to..., DNS Management, ID Protection

Client Area (13)

Login & Password, Review Services, Support Tickets, Orders, Pay Invoices, Register Domains, Billing Info, Personal Info, DNS Management

cPanel (5)

Navigating cPanel, Changing Password, Contact Information, cPanel Login

Databases & phpMyAdmin (14)

Database Creation, Database Management, phpMyAdmin, MySQL

DNS (Name Servers) (18)

DNS Management, Updating Your DNS at another registrar to point at Hard Shell Hosting

Domain Transfers (17)

Transferring Your Domain to Hard Shell Hosting from other registrars

Domains (7)

DNS Management, Subdomains, Add-on Domains, Parked Domains, URL Redirects, Hosting Multiple Websites, ID Protection

Email Accounts (11)

Create Email Accounts, Auto-Responder, Forwarding, Trace an Email Address, Using Webmail in Cpanel

Email Programs Setup (12)

Setup Instructions for programs such as Outlook, Eudora, Opera, Thunderbird and Windows Mail

File Management (8)

Website Backup, FTP Accounts, Web Disk, File Manager, Custom Error Pages, Disk Usage Viewer, Index Manager, FrontPage Extensions

FTP (22)

Common FTP Information and FTP Program Setup Information

General Support (14)

How do I make my website show up?, Website Statistics, Bandwidth, Multiple Websites

Intro to Web Hosting (6)

Short overview web hosting and its components and operations

Pre-Sales Questions (24)

Answering many of your pre-sales questions about our services

Quick Install (26)

Using the Quick Install to install software from your CPanel

Security (5)

Password Protect Directory, IP Deny Manager, Hotlink Protection

SSL Certificates (1)

How to set up and Generate a Private Key, CSR, Install the SSl and Activate on your Domain.

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